5 Unique Things To Do On TGIF Night

It is not every Friday that we are feeling up to leaving the house. Sometimes, we just want to spend a cozy night in our company or with a few friends. As fun and inexpensive as this sounds, it might become boring if there is no clear plan or if we do not add a little spice to it now and again. These ideas are thoroughly enjoyable and cost little money. They are a step up from the traditional game nights, Netflix and chill, karaoke nights and sleepovers.

1. Cooking parties:

You know that dish that you have always wondered how to make? The one you saw in that fancy Martha Stewart Cookbook? Spend a relaxing evening whipping up something that could either be a masterpiece or a failed experiment. Whether you like cooking or not, this is a fun activity to engage in and it is never too late to pick up a skill. Recruit a trusted friend or small group of friends and spend quality time cooking and getting to know each other better. Even if things go left, the memory of the night would put a smile on your face whenever you recall it. If it is a group activity, you can ensure that nobody feels short-changed by splitting the cost of cooking items or make it more personal by asking everyone to bring one ingredient meant for the meal.

2. Colour-coded dress up parties:

Get your Solange on and ask your friends to bring all their purple, green or whatever-colour-floats-your-boat outfits for a dress up sleepover. You guys can dress up and take cute colour coordinated pictures. Trust that you would have a fire album of pictures if you do this once a month for a year. It is a fun activity to look forward to and it helps to get your creative juices flowing too.

3. Review nights:

That weird looking massager is still waiting for you to try it out. Don’t spend your night eating a bag of chips and watching TV when you can be trying out a bunch of stuff that you have accumulated. It is important to pace yourself though when trying cosmetic products for the first time so that you do not cause more harm than good. You can do this fun activity with your friends and try a different thing every other Friday.

4. Yoga Parties:

It is always a fun time to do yoga practice. You can set aside your Friday night for a yoga class or personal practice with your friends. Depending on where you are in your yoga practice, it can be a good time to challenge yourself or try that new pose for the first time. If you are feeling up to it, add in some minutes for meditation. This will help to put your weekend relaxation in motion.

5. Joint Creativity:

We tend to be more creative and competitive when we do things as a group. Invite friends that have similar interests as you and work on a creative project together. It can be a musical piece, painting, poem, fashion or jewelry item, business plan or whatever else you desire to do. This can lead to an entrepreneurial pursuit or provide the mental getaway that you need to be more productive. Make the time valuable and enjoyable by exploring your creative side.

If there are other fun and unique activities that you know of or have tried, please leave a comment below!

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